Witty Careers at Pivotal


On Tuesday 13th March 2018, we hosted our Explore Technology Careers event for Black and Minority Ethnic women at the Pivotal office in London. 

It was a fun evening of networking, practical skills training and knowledge sharing. We started the evening with an introduction from the Witty Careers team. This was followed by a product design workshop, which covered the fundamental skills required to build a product in Tech. The session was run by Sparta Global and covered the following themes: requirements gathering, agile vs. waterfall methodologies, user stories, prototypes and testing. 

We ended the event with our women in Tech panel, which put a spotlight on 4 women currently working in Technology. They shared their experiences and insight on what it's like to work in the industry, how to improve technical skills and how to navigate the different job roles in Tech.


Here is what our community had to say about the event:

Check out the pictures from the day here.

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